Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello Mr. or Madam President

Today's discussion will revolve around politics and what most people don't get.

I hear all to often, "The President is this or the President is that","The President did this or the President did that".  I find all this conversation amusing as it shows our ignorance as a society.  People really don't get it, even though they have been taught it.  Now I won't go into whether the current President is doing a good job or not, as I believe none of us know what that means either.

The President of the United States is merely a figure head or spokesperson for this country.  If you have trouble agreeing with me, break out the American Government books and read up on how the branches of government in the US work.  Now this is an important role in our government, so don't misunderstand me as I am over-simplifying to get a point across, as you will see later.  If you can come up with a better description based on the facts of the books on how our government works and the practical workings of our government as we have seen it, I would like to hear it.  Quite frankly, I'm a little tired of listening to people who have no idea what is going on, actually speak on this subject.

The President has some special powers in special times, this is understood.  Where people get off the reservation is when they think the President will change the country for the better. They also speak about the President making it worse.  Both of those points are myths that the people who really run this country want you to think.  It's all smoke and mirrors and we are easily led down the wrong path in this country.  When it comes to everyday living in this country, the people that run this country are located in your local town governments, your county governments, your state governments, and The House of Reps and Senate.  If you believe anything else you are greatly misinformed.  All of these people want you to believe that the 'President' is your Saviour or the goat.  Again if you don't agree, I strongly suggest you grab a book on American Government.

We are just cattle being herded to the slaughter.  I hear people talking bad and good about our current President everyday, just like every President before him since I could watch TV, or understand the spoken word.  Ironically enough, who I don't hear complaining or giving adulation are people that get it. People who go to town meetings, vote on local and national issues.  These people get it; that the person in the Presidential Oval Office is just a member of the entire process and can't change anything on her/his own.  I will give you a short example of how our government works and then ask who's in charge.  Congress formulates a bill, the bill is passed in the Senate and the House.  This bill now goes to the President for signing into law.  The President doesn't agree and Veto's the bill.  The bill can now go back to Congress and Congress can override the President. Now this is rarely done, but, the point is it can be.  The flip side is that the President can't get anything into law without Congress.  So I ask again, whom do we think is in charge? This goes back too my earlier point about who really runs the everyday things which truly affect us.  It's your local government, state government, and Congress.  So if you want the 'President' too be successful, these people need to answer to you along with the President, not the other way around.

The President of the United States of America is a powerful person, but believe it or not, there's a more powerful group of people.  These people are skating by as we as Americans fight or support our sitting Presidents.  We are quick to judge and hold a person accountable who has a stake in our lives, but, not the biggest stake.  We give this group of people a pass on a daily basis, then we wonder what is wrong with this country.  We are ignorant to how our own government works.  The sad part about this is, that's what these people want.  They want us to turn a blind eye, cause they know in our minds it's much easier to go after one person than to attack the thousands of them who are truly ruining our country.

Before you open your mouth about any President, think about what I said....Attack the right people...not those who you have been conditioned to attack all your life....

Remember the President can't get something into law without Congress....stop giving these people a pass...Hold your local government, state government, and Congress accountable.


Mr. P36