Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who am I?

Self awareness is an interesting concept.  Many people much smarter than myself have varying views on this topic, the following is just an average guys opinion.

I will start with a story about a child being picked on for being slightly overweight.  I was having a conversation with a woman and she was telling me a story about her daughter being picked on.  She said "This girl was calling her daughter FAT during lunch period".  She was visibly upset with this little girl.  She called the little girl picking on her daughter, 'rude'.  I asked her, "was her daughter overweight?".  She replied "yes, but, you don't say that to someone!".

We all have said or heard the phrase, "The truth hurts".  Do you know why the 'truth' hurts?  It hurts because most people are in denial about many facets of their life; they don't understand what self awareness is all about.  When you are self aware, there's very little a person can say to you or about you, that will ever bother you.  Why is this, you may ask?  Being self aware, before the person says 'it' to you, you accept 'it' as being who you are.  In other words if you are fat, you know you are fat, you are comfortable with it or are doing something about it. If someone calls you fat, it doesn't bother you nor should it.

People tend to 'know' they are 'X', but the issue is they haven't fully accepted it. They are desperately looking for others to say, "No you're not fat, you're BIG boned", or some other compliment that isn't warranted.  We like to be lied to, because it allows us to circumvent our accountability to face and deal with the truth.  A truth, the majority of the time, we already know but don't want to accept.  This cycle of,  'head in the sand' syndrome, is taught to us at a very young age.  This notion that being direct and honest is rude, is directly responsible for so many people being incapable of accepting the realities of life.

Something someone says to you about you, should never be something you don't already know and embrace.  Thus, removing the angst people have when someone says something to them which society deems 'rude'.  We must dare to explore who we really are.  We must stop hiding from ourselves and embrace the good and bad of our being.

Spend less time judging other people.   Spend more time judging and attempting to understand yourself.  Know, embrace, and be comfortable with who you are better than anyone else can......

Being self aware makes life tremendously less stressful when dealing with others' opinions of you....Self awareness is an integral component in high self esteem..."sticks and stones..."

Until the next one....