Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday 12-26-2011

As we begin the journey to a new year, start the planning process. In 2011, many of you have seen success and failure. Have you learned from these experiences? Most people haven't learned anything, because they don't understand 'self-awareness'. They continue to blame other people for their failures. Take a relationship that fails for example; so much time is spent on the reasons the other person caused it to not workout. Little time is spent ascertaining your culpability. This lack of personal accountability causes you to repeat the same mistakes in future relationships. This transcends all aspects of life. Focus on where you fail and develop methods for personal improvement. Advice for 2012: Take ownership of your life; don't let things happen to you, MAKE things happen. Don't let a failure slow you down. Successful people embrace failure, because they only look at THEIR part in the failure and develop solutions to be successful in the future. One way or another, you control your existence. Whether you do something or not, your choice is exercised. Your success or failure is 100% your accountability. The moment you give that responsibility to another human, you stop growing.

2012= Increased 'SELF-AWARENESS' - Owned 'Personal Growth' ~©KP

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There's another 99%/1% split in this country; people who use their brain and those who don't. Everyone is capable of being totally informed, most choose not to make an effort. The problem is the 1% wealthy citizens recognize this and feed on these opportunities, Capitalism 101. There's nothing wrong with this, it's the American way. You want to fight this? Get informed, make every life decision with as much knowledge as possible. Stop listening to your friends and family who are too lazy to get the real information. This idea transcends all aspects of life. Stop being lazy in thought people, it's really hurting you and this country. A new poll came out saying; President Obama approval rating is going up and Congress approval rating is, low as it was in 1994. Now don't mistake this as an endorsement in Obama; it brings to light the 'TRUE' issue with government. Congress, State, and Local government run this country, not the President. Everyone of you who spend so much energy supporting or condemning the President, are letting the 'real problem' fester. Understand the issue(s) facing you in life. The message here is, 'think' before doing. There's too much 'doing' without thought. <---- We are conditioned our entire lives to do this. Break the cycle...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


There's a reason for every experience you have. The less time you spend asking "Why"; the more time you have to figure out 'how to move forward' - good or bad. People often talk about 'closure'. Don't let the 'need' for closure, stop you from continuing with your life. We all deal with obstacles in life; if you let them, they will consume you. Fact of life: We control an infinitesimal amount of our lives. We often worry about the grand amount we can't control. The happiest people understand how to control that which they can.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday 12-8-2011

Don't let people who are 'non-value add', influence your mood or desire for success. They don't deserve that indulgence. There are 3 facts in your life: 1. You are born alone. 2. You live alone. 3. You will die alone. Don't allow people into your circle of life, who don't help you forget fact #2. Time is the most precious commodity known to man. Don't waste any of it, with the wrong people in your life.