Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday 12-26-2011

As we begin the journey to a new year, start the planning process. In 2011, many of you have seen success and failure. Have you learned from these experiences? Most people haven't learned anything, because they don't understand 'self-awareness'. They continue to blame other people for their failures. Take a relationship that fails for example; so much time is spent on the reasons the other person caused it to not workout. Little time is spent ascertaining your culpability. This lack of personal accountability causes you to repeat the same mistakes in future relationships. This transcends all aspects of life. Focus on where you fail and develop methods for personal improvement. Advice for 2012: Take ownership of your life; don't let things happen to you, MAKE things happen. Don't let a failure slow you down. Successful people embrace failure, because they only look at THEIR part in the failure and develop solutions to be successful in the future. One way or another, you control your existence. Whether you do something or not, your choice is exercised. Your success or failure is 100% your accountability. The moment you give that responsibility to another human, you stop growing.

2012= Increased 'SELF-AWARENESS' - Owned 'Personal Growth' ~©KP