Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday 2-1-2012

Everyone has the right to their opinion. They have the right to say how they feel. Everyone else, has the right to do the same about said opinion. Here goes ...(^_-)... When you complain about 'change', what you are really saying is; you lack the ability to adapt. When you lack the ability to adapt, you fall prey to stagnation. Stagnation is a silent killer of self-improvement. Rest assured, your life's adversaries are always adapting to win against you. Keep in mind, without change there would be no Facebook, cell phones, child labor laws, or 50 United States to name a few things. Without change we would still have the Roman Empire, one large Continent, and prohibition to name a few things. Life is 100% change. Spend more time figuring out how to make 'change' work for you and less time complaining about it. Don't give up before you start....

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